Mainly Middle Eastern - Poems by James Nash

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"I was flying back to England after a very rough year in South Arabia and had broken my journey in Beirut, when I found myself sitting next to a distinguished looking elderly gentleman who got out a folder with the St John Cross on top of his papers. “Excuse me, but I see you are using St John writing paper and I wonder if you could tell me about the Hospital.” “I think I can,” came the reply, “I am the Lord Prior.” Some weeks later I was invited to become esquire to the Hospitaller. That started the opportunity for me to indulge myself in absurd adventures to raise money for the Hospital. Who else would be so daft as to ride from Istanbul to Jerusalem on a horse, or drive a horse and trap from Bordeaux to Santiago? But I managed to convince myself that I had the moral excuse that I was doing something useful for our beloved Hospital!"

James's adventurous days are sadly over and he now finds other ways to support our work. He has written a book of poetry on his time in the Middle East, of which all proceeds go towards the hospital. A life well lived provides some interesting prose!