Quixote in a Cart by James Nash

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Quixote in a Cart is the story of James Nash's extraordinary life, his love for all things Arab, and his inspiring journey on horseback to Jerusalem to raise funds for the Order of St. John. The intriguing and detailed narrative is packed with observations and historical facts alongside the basic story.

Choosing to walk from Venice to Addis Ababa one day was not a well-thought out decision, merely a notion that took hold of James Nash as he had friends in both places. In the course of the journey, he was bitten by the Arabian bug and consequently joined the Colonial Office as a political officer in the Aden Protectorate. He spent six years dealing with amirs, sheikhs and very recalcitrant tribesmen, with whom he formed great friendships. From there he transferred to the Foreign Office, which he states neither the Foreign Office nor he enjoyed. Thus he returned to London and retrained as a chartered surveyor - only to be sent to Cairo as the only Arabic-speaking surveyor to set up offices for a major city property company. Even though the project proved a disaster, James founded The British International School, Cairo in 1976, which still prospers today.

Along the way, James became involved with the Order of St. John, a cause he feels passionately about. To raise money for the charity, `the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital', he rode a horse to Jerusalem from Constantinople, imitating the Crusaders, a feat he describes in vivid detail. By publishing his life story, he hopes to raise even more funds.