Swift of Hope Fly for St John - Blank Cards-Pack of 5

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"The Muristan Clinic is situated in the center of the Old City of Jerusalem where the four Quarters meet. The olive tree is central in the lives of all peoples in the Holy Land. It is mentioned in all the great texts as a symbol of peace. I decided to make the canopy of my bronze olive tree not just of leaves but out of swifts. The sculpture was now to be full of life and a symbol of hope. Every swift that  migrates to the far reaches of the world will stretch this message of hope for the Holy Land  throughout the world, it will also in practical way raise much needed funds for St John Eye Hospital." - Mark Coreth, Sculptor of the Tree of Hope

12.5 cm x 12. 5 cm

Produced by the Guild to raise funds for The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital