Symbols of Hope Book (Hardback)

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For almost a thousand years, heraldry has been used to symbolise the
heritage, achievements, and aspirations of an individual and their family,
organisations, cities, and other entities. The history of the Order of St
John can be traced in the rich heraldic tradition of its members, and the
St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem shares a part of this interesting heritage.
From the start of its humanitarian work in Jerusalem almost a millenium
ago, the Order of St John has used its familiar white cross. Headed by the
British monarch and with many members of the British Royal Family directly
involved, the Most Venerable Order of St John proudly incorporates the
Royal Beasts into its white Maltese Cross. The Order has always viewed its
Eye Hospital as one of its most important humanitarian endeavours. Since
the Hospital started its modern-day operations in 1882, coats-of-arms,
flags, and ceremonial robes have played an important role.

Symbols of Hope examines the meaning and the stories around the many
heraldic devices and ceremonial elements associated with the St John Eye
Hospital in Jerusalem. Through colourful and detailed illustrations, we
learn about those individuals who have supported the Hospital over a
century-and-a-half, and the enduring story of the Hospital told in stone,
flags, and mantles